Wednesday, March 16, 2011

two ladies and a dude

again, most of these are unfinished simply because i run out of time or gas on these. been getting a lot of comments lately on how my stuff " isnt finished" and my answer is " it never was supposed to be" because they're studies.

If you scroll back a few pages to say this time last year, youll see that my photoshop skills arnt anything to write home about.... i am still learning... so thats why i dont try to jump for the goal for every sketch. i find once ive reached a point in the sketch that satisfies my internal artistic objective, i find it pointless to finish the sketch. Now if its a good sketch ill finish it of course, but most of them are out to simply find a better understanding of something rather than paint up a finish polished piece. that make sense?

anyways, heres some sketches!