Monday, November 10, 2008

deadly rains

I wanted to do the zombie walk here in moncton, but it rained, and i didnt want to look like a half melted living dead mess of grey. So heres what i did today instead, as a tribute to how wacky November is being in regards towards my desires of particapating in a walking dead parade. Its just a quick digital painting i did up at noon, might finish it up some other time, or might not.


Ryan Cole said...

Amazing as always. More so actually, these are really improving.

Devin said...

Thanks for the kind words sir... at least i think they were kind didn't really understand some of them, but yeah buddy glad to see your stuff getting better all the time, some of these sketches are just friggin nasty, and by nasty i mean awesome, like a crescent punch to the dick.