Monday, May 3, 2010



Darcy P World said...

hahaha, that's AMAZING! That might be one of the most foreboding characters i've ever seen.

Curtis Rioux said...

I agree Darcy. Hes scary as hell - and the idea of shackles on him, fantastic.

I think enforce that he has clearly done
something terribly wrong he should have this creepy ass grin. haha. hes allready got a little one going on but that might just be the natural shape of his face.

Love this sketch - id hope that it goes all the way.

Derek said...

yeah the facial expression is intentional, i was going for exactly what you just described Curtis.

a subtle cocky satisfaction kinda thing.

Curtis Rioux said...

Totally works, and its completely frightening haha.

tim said...

Really like this, the lighting is fantastic