Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So im back. Was away for awhile doing some stuff. Went to Massive Blacks' San Francisco Workshop, had my mind blown by super art people, as well as met some really awesome like minded folk.

also. got a puppy. shes good at keeping me from working, and peeing on the floor. i love her, shes awesome. her name is Jengo!

gonna try and house break that little beast, while at the same time trying to get some work done. gonna be a slow month though, but oh well, its fucking christmas time!...ugh, i cant even get away with that excuse, fuck christmas, i gotta work my ass off.

heres some stuff i did with one eye on the screen and the other on the pup.



Anonymous said...

Aw man, sorry i missed you in san francisco. Glad you had fun. I probably saw you. We haven't met but I know your shizzle from CA. Anyways, nice update.

Stacy LeFevre said...

w00t, looking good Derek! It was really nice meeting you at the workshop! :)

JasperSandner said...

Hey man! For some reason I can't click on the images in this post, but they look great! Hope you're doing well man!

Derek said...

carlton: no worries dude,there was quite a crowd of us there, so its pretty easy to not be able to meet everyone. maybe next time!

Stacy: thanks stace, likewise! san fran just seems like a dream now, even tho 4 days seemed long enough, im looking back now wishing it was a full week...also wish i recorded more things too :S

Jasper: hey man, thanks for pointing that out, dunno why that happens sometimes, but they should be viewable now for ya!