Thursday, March 21, 2013


Been pretty busy for the last couple months, been doing some freelance work for FFG, Cryptozoic and Volta. Certainly helps pay the bills while I continue my search for a full time job here in Montreal.

Not much ramblin for now. Just a few sketches. More to come soon.

Lurves and hurvs!


mikeG said...

great to see an update from you derek! these sketches are looking rad. i wish you luck on finding a full-time job... are you going for something industry-related or just a day-job for the time being?

Derek said...

Hey Mike,

Glad you like em and thanks for the well wishes, i really appreciate it.

As for a full time gig, i am looking for something within the game industry. Currently Im able to pay the bills from my freelance work, so no need for a regular job.. at least not yet.. as freelance can be a bit inconsistent. But so far so good!

Thanks again Mike! Take care.