Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Live streaming studies. Week 1.

Heres a quick break down of whats up.

For the next 6 months, every morning Monday through Friday, I'll be streaming some sort of study. Mainly they will be photo studies, but Ill eventually do some life studies as well. As other Artist have done in the past, I plan on keeping up with this routine in hopes of improving my chops, hopfully at a decent rate.

So, heres a few from the past week. If you wanna watch me stream, I'm live from around 8:30 AM EST till about 11 or 12:00 PM EST. Hit me up on Facebook or Twitter to get reminders, as Ill post one right before I go live every morning.

So come on by, Ill be doing commentary on things as I paint... to myself or to you guys. Either way, Ill be in a room talking to a computer.

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