Tuesday, February 8, 2011

contest.. no contest!

but really.. this was meant for a contest.. but i read the instructions to late hahah... its the silent hill contest they have goin on facebook. i only just now read that the drawing was supposed to be a statue.. before finding this out, i had already drawn a bad ass monster thinkin thats what the contest was... oh well..

as for now, heres what i was gonna submit!


Darcy P World said...

I thought for sure it was a monster contest too. Statue kind of takes the fun out of it. Anyways it looks awesome. I'd like to see it look more frail and skinny. Think Dr. Satan in house of a 1000 corspes or pumpkin head. Anyways, just thinking out.....loud? on paper? digitally?

Anyways, it looks awesome. You could submit just about any you'd done so far, you have some awesome stuff on here that fits the style.

Curtis Rioux said...

Hah, yea i heard about that contest as well, a bit to late to do much of a submission, this is really tight, i thought it was very the silent hill style and feel before i even realized that it was a silent hill inspired piece.
... i still have the pink elephant submission up on my wall here at home haha, good times.