Friday, February 4, 2011

feet first

Its been awhile, some pretty bad things have been happening to me in my personal life.My father passed away on dec 17th. So because i had to be with family and away from work and drawing, i feel like ive gotten a bit rusty. but of course, priorities, i was needed else where.

i gave myself some time off, to help cope, even though, just like when my mother passed away 2 years ago, its something that you'll never really be able to cope with or ever "get over". so i decided to go back to work 2 months later.

I dont feel much like getting into this right now, but what i will tell you guys is that im drawing again. and thats the whole point of this blog. to search for artistic answers. lifes a different pony ride. ima get back on this stallion of art and hold onto some reigns that im familiar with.

heres some creepy scary stuff i did.

its good to be back.


CINDY said...

It's good to have you back. You are one strong man. Don't worry about rusting, I've been rusting up for 3 years now and still do all right, so you have nothing to fear. Your stuff is always great. Take care Derek!

Devin said...

What Cindy said man, and we're keeping you in our thoughts, hopefully the future can be a little brighter for you. Your artwork is as beautiful (and creepy) as ever, and I wish you all the best.