Tuesday, June 28, 2011

first of many

so this is it! a new chapter has started in my life. even though it still feels like this is just a vacation and that in a week or so ill be going back to work, ive already got the ball rolling on my efforts to nail out a respectable portfolio.

got myself all situated at home in my dads old office. converted it into a studio for me to work in, and i couldnt be cozier! feels great workin here.

i've also got my next couple months planned out, but im sure ill change somethings as i go. point is, im keepin myself busy. the worst thing that could happen in a situation like the one im in, is losing ones self discipline. and if any of you know me well enough; once i start something that ive got my sights on, i dont stop till ive crossed that finish line.

anyways, i couldnt be happier. theres more to come!

heres a piece that im messin around on right now.


Curtis Rioux said...

VERY tight. man, this has great design and the color choices are so sick. Making the wolfman in solid orange was a direction i would have never guessed but it works so well!

id say maybe throw a lens blur or something on those FG elements, like the grass at the bottom of the shot. As for the entire painting, fantastic, i cant wait to see them keep flowing in!

Curtis Rioux said...

ps. im super pumped for you, we need to grab coffee or lunch sometime soon.

Emily Su said...

looks great! I wouldn't make the shirt sleeve rips so even though - it kinda looks like one of those off the shoulder tops for teen girls when they are evenly spaced like that.

Manuel Dupong said...

I just looked at your stuff and its pretty dam good! You're gonna get far my friend.
Concerning the wolfman, I wonder if the lightest parts of his skin aren't too saturated?

Derek said...

curtis: Thanks buddy, i appreciate the enthusiasm. Hmm i dunno if the foreground elements should be blurred in this case, especially since theres fog and what not in the mid ground. the two would just bleed together. we'll hang out soon enough bro, just wanna get some wheels in motion before i start leavin the house to often.

Emily Su: Heya Emily! Thanks for pointing that out. i can say with out any doubt that im not to "with it" when it comes to things teen girls wear. but your right, i might wanna change the rips up simply to make things not so symmetrical.

Mr Dupong: Firstly, im a big fan man! your stuff rocks! and i truly appreciate your kind words! as for your comment, to be honest, when i painted it, it looked completely different. only because im using a HDTV as my monitor, which isnt the best for art and design programs as i found out. it has a different gamma rate so when people see something that was originally created on a tv, when they view it on a monitor with a different color range, it looks either to saturated or to dark. so im fighting with that.

i did update this sketch with some color adjustments. i put it up on my deviant art. http://johnderekmurphy.deviantart.com/

thanks again everyone!