Wednesday, June 22, 2011

gone dun it!

So, guess what?

I quit my job.

Ive decided to take a year off andhammer out some portfolio stuff till its in decent enough shape to land me some solid freelance or a stellar gig in the gaming industry.

thats it. thats what im doing.

if you ask me how i feel, id say scared, but fuckin stoked! and i also feel pretty damn happy!

anyways ill keep the paintings comin, time to raise my game brah.


Justin Lee said...

proud of you brutha!

Cortos said...

Oh em gee, that's scary. And it's perfect for what I want to ask you. Would you want to do all Mario tiles with the same graphics you did those Mario draws? I know this is asking a lot, specially if it's coming from an Anonymous, but it would be awesome. I saw those images and felt my hearth stop and I said "I have to play Mario with THOSE graphics!".
So yeah ... that's about it. Would you be up for this? (Btw, there would be no profit from it, as it is Nintendo's stuff). :D
Hope you think about it.

Jon Cave said...

hey man - been following your stuff for about 6 months now and i gotta say i think you made the right call! with your commitment and drive, you can go anywhere!

i look forward to seeing masses of updates to your blog!

Derek said...

Cortos: Hey man, im glad you liked my mario paintings. but unfortunately, i have other things on my plate right now and cant really work on anymore mario stuff. but like i said, im glad you like them. thanks for the comment :D

Jon Cave: wow 6 months, thanks for hangin in there man haha! Gotta say i really appreciate the kind words. im feeling pretty motivated and excited to get things rollin! stick around, the next 6 + months should be neat!